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I've always been curious about why we do the things we do. It's that interest that drew me to getting a degree in cognitive science and psychology, working in applied psychology research labs for a few years and then eventually landed me in product design where I got to combine all of those things.

It's through this journey to design that I developed a deep appreciation for the power of community. Navigating my career so far has been in large part a result of generous mentorship, access to local events and informal education such as conferences, books and online courses.

Knowing that, it's been important to me to stay involved with the design community. This has meant playing in various roles from speaking to facilitating to mentoring. Currently, I offer free 1:1 mentorship sessions on ADPList.
Ina Davis is a product designer whose focus is on bringing low cost, high quality degree education to the world through her work on the learner & educator team at Coursera. Influenced by her multi-cultural background, she is inspired by the power and potential of technology to equalize access to education. Outside of work, she also mentors young designers through ADPList.